Busy Sorting & Packaging

20 Jun

Hello Everyone, we’ve been busy sorting and packaging the Kickstarter Three castings. We’re making steady progress, turning plastic bags of miniature chaos, into orderly miniature packages. As we’re having to fit it in around the day jobs, it’s not as quick as we’d like but we will definately get everyones orders delivered by the July deadline.

packing 002

packing 001 Orderly packaged miniatures

The Castings Have Arrived!

12 Jun

The waiting is over, the Kickstarter Three castings arrived this morning. Packed in 3 boxes that each weighed a ton, I didn’t even have time to get the camera out to record the event, before Bob was opening them. First impression is lovely castings from Griffin Moulds as usual, virtually no mould lines and no flash, there’s a little bit of bronzing on a few castings but that is just cosmetic and doesn’t effect the paintability of the model, so very happy with what we’ve seen so far.

castings arrive

Didn’t even have time to get my camera out before Bob had started opening the boxes

castings arrive (2) castings arrive (3)

Unpacked two table loads of metal castings all waiting to be unpacked, checked, sorted and repackaged into Olleys Armies packaging, ready for the Kickstarter reward orders. I think we will be very busy for the next couple of weeks 🙂

Victorian Heads Now Available

25 May

About time we added the Kickstarter One victorian heads to our website, so that’s what I’ve just done. We are selling them in a set of 5 for £2.50 + postage There’s 15 heads to choose from.They fit Bob’s scunt miniatures, but would also probably work very well with human sized 28mm heroic scale miniatures


victorianheads003 victorianheads001 victorianheads002

Also Bob has been busy with a private freelance commission and the new owner has kindly allowed us to show the finished green.

Lady Victorian Scruntie

Lady Victorian Scruntie

helmut (1) helmut (2) helmut (3) helmut (4)

More Prussians

22 May

It certainly brings them to life, thanks for sharing 🙂

A loft full of lead

The next unit of five infantry is finished. I am getting into a rhythm painting these chaps and they are painting up very nicely.
I have also completed a couple of support weapons.
And another mechanic.

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Finished Scrunts

22 May

Coronasan's painted victorian scrunts

Finished Scrunts.

Still getting used to using wordpress, so hopefully above is a link to the original page. It’s so great to see our miniatures painted 🙂

Working but can’t show you anything!

30 Apr

Hello Everyone,

well here’s the Kickstarter latest, things are happening although we’ve been very quiet, earlier this week we posted the masters (all insured) to Griffin Moulds for moulding and casting. All the surveys have been returned and checked, the amount of sets required have been calculated using ye olde five bar gate method of counting and the casting order has been sent in. So now there’s not much to do apart from wait, I was told the mould making and castings would take about 5 weeks, so we should hear something in the beginning of June.

Bob has been busy working on a private commission, so can’t show any pictures for that, but he has also been making a lady scrunt for a private commission and once we have permission to show it from the prospective owner I will get some pictures of it on here for you to see

cheers Jackie

59 people reached

Salute 2015

30 Apr

Very cool spaceship

A loft full of lead

Yesterday was the Salute wargames show at the Excel in London and I went with a few wargaming buddies to spend some cash and see what is new in the world of toy soldiers.

There was not a great deal on my shopping list, but it is always good to be tempted by something new. It is a big show and there is always plenty to see and many ways to empty ones wallet. My first stop was at Black Scorpion to pick up some Navy Marines, more ship crew and a copy of the Cutlass rule book.

I then found a great looking games table with a massive sea and land game in progress with some great looking ships.Salute1
All of these ships were made from wood with plenty of detail, puts my Playmobil conversions to shame.Salute2
This guy must have been more than seven feet tall.
The Hawk…

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Scrunt name generator debacle

16 Apr

We have just been in fits of laughter after trying to develop a Scrunt name generator for a Kickstarter reward. I wouldn’t have thought it so difficult but ours is truely awful, I worked out a multiple choice and assigned elements ect to the answer, so when I asked Bob to take the quiz, this is the name it generated Dwalin Owl Silver Oak, pretty bad I tweaked it a bit and James was slightly better he got Ori Stone Heart. I think we’d better stick to making miniatures lol

ENDING TODAY! “Armies of the Scrunt Empire” Kickstarter

13 Apr set of sea battalions

Awesome News ALL stretchgoals have been reached and ALL sets unlocked:)
So The Final Countdown Begins! “Armies of the Scrunt Empire” Kickstarter ends today Monday 13th April at 6:20 PM BST.
For full details of the miniatures and the Kickstarter please visit the Kickstarter page https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/433105762/olleys-armies-presents-armies-of-the-scrunt-empire

set of sea battalions

sea battalion 5 miniature set now unlocked

ENDING SOON! Kickstarter “Armies of the Scrunt Empire” just hours to go

12 Apr

It’s all about the Kickstarter atm, We are in the final hours of Olleys Armies Kickstarter “Armies of the Scrunt Empire”, the campaign has seen stretchgoal after stretchgoal reached (after some adjustments and outside backing) and more than 80 miniatures are now unlocked! You don’t often see Kickstarters with that many sculpts to choose from.

There’s still time to join in, just visit our Kickstarter project now to view all the rewards and make a pledge.
For full details of the miniatures and the Kickstarter please visit the Kickstarter page https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/433105762/olleys-armies-presents-armies-of-the-scrunt-empire

Thank you for reading!